Innovative approaches in the management of competitiveness of businesses: collective monograph

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Тип: Монографії
Автор (Прізвище та ініціали, наприклад: Юзипчук В.Р.)
Бібліографічний опис
Nikolaeva Anzhela. Formation of businesses competitive advantages as a factor increasing the capitalization of the region. Innovative approaches in the management of competitiveness of businesses: collective monograph / Anzhela Nikolaeva, Svitlana Pyrіh, Lesya Ishchuk ; edited by A. Berezin, M. Bezpartochnyi, in 2 vol. - ISMA University, vol. 1 - 2016. - P. 151-159.
Короткий огляд (реферат)
Authors of study within the monograph came to conclusion that need use of innovative approaches to business development and management of competitiveness, methodical toolkit of forecasting of business development, formation of competitive advantages, effective use of resource potential. Basic research focuses on issues of introduction of innovative approaches to information security, formation of logistics systems, legal regulation of functioning clusters, efficient use of personnel, development of export potential, ecological aspects of businesses. Research results have been implemented on various models of functioning businesses in trade, industry, agricultural sector, which have an innovative component and allows you to ensure competitiveness in the context of globalization. Results obtained during the research can be used in decision-making at level of how business, and at level of local governments on formation of competitive advantage and business development.
Ключові слова
Конкурентні переваги, стратегія досягнення конкурентних переваг, стратегічне планування, бізнес-моделювання.
Дата публікації (рік)
ISMA University, Riga : Landmark SIA
Ініціали працівника
Чиж Наталія Михайлівна
Факультет працівника
2020 Факультет фінансів, обліку, лінгвістики та права
Кафедра працівника
Кафедра фінансів, банківської справи та страхування (ФФОЛП)
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